About Me

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, I studied English Literature and Liberal Studies at Brock University before moving with my wife to Vancouver in 1996.

There I built a career with CBC as a producer, working on some of the broadcaster’s most innovative projects, including ZeD, a groundbreaking late night arts program on CBC Television, and the much-beloved CBC Radio 3. I loved Vancouver, especially East Van where we lived for fifteen years. But we got tired of city life, and in 2012 my wife and I decided to move to Nelson. I quit my job with CBC and we made the move with our two young sons to a little house in Uphill.

With few opportunities for a producer in these parts, I reinvented myself as a freelance writer and media consultant, and started helping out on local projects that I believe enhance our community. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Nelson Civic Theatre marketing committee, where I served as a communications consultant and managed the theatre’s Facebook page during the pre-opening fundraising drive that raised over $180,000, and during the theatre’s critical first year of operation.
  • City of Nelson Advisory Planning Commission, where, to help spur the development of more secondary suites, I championed the reduction of the minimal suite size from 35 square metres to 30.
  • City of Nelson Cultural Development Committee, where I helped select public art and championed the creation of a design competition for artisan bike racks downtown.
  • Kootenay Co-op Radio communications committee to help develop the service’s brand with the goal of increasing listenership, improving fundraising outcomes, and increasing volunteerism.
  • Founder of Keep Nelson Weird. Nelson is one of the most unique towns in Canada. I think this is something we should celebrate. Not only because this makes Nelson a fun place to live, but because it actually helps drive our economy.
  • Editor of the unofficial Nelson Facebook page. Since late 2012, I’ve served as the editor for this page, which serves more than 6,500 people (both locals and people around the world) with the latest news, happenings and issues in our community. This allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of Nelson and help countless organizations, events, and individuals with their promotions.
  • Elf Walk Founder / downtown Christmas light proponent. Worked with Elves to lobby for council for lights, helped hang them, and organized Nelson’s Elf Walk.

What I Believe In

I believe Nelson is the best place to live in this country (which places it in the running for best in the world). I realized this after my wife and I spent nearly two years researching just where we wanted to raise our sons. And now, over two years into our residency, I believe it even more.

Nelson sets the standard for what small town life should be. We are friendly and inclusive. We respect and revere the natural beauty that surrounds us. We see the value in making, growing and buying local. And we see the importance in fostering culture that brings us together. We enjoy all of the benefits of urban life with few of the problems that come with it.

But Nelson is not without its share of challenges. Housing affordability, an ever-changing economy, sustainable development, and community engagement are problems we must address to ensure Nelson continues to be a great place to live for everyone. Addressing these challenges means building on the work of previous councils, as well as bringing innovative new solutions to the table. If elected to represent you on Nelson City Council, I plan to do both.

Questions? Here’s how we can talk.


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